Conference 2013 aims

Active Citizenship by Knowledge Management & Innovation


Active citizenship means that members of organisations or nation-states have certain roles and responsibilities to the society and the environment. For example, they should try to help others, particularly by offering them high-level professional expertise in different areas such as management, business, education and technology. All people should be enabled to gain new and valuable experiences, meet new people, learn new skills, be innovative, and be better connected to local, national or global communities. This may strengthen social democracy, encourage people’s sense of responsibility, solidarity and belongingness, enhance inclusion in a society and improve mutual knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity which are important foundations of modern societies.


We believe that active citizenship is closely related to knowledge management, either on the level of organisations or societies. People need to be informed, trained, and need to know how to participate and how to participate. For sure, this is the way to improve innovation as well. At the MakeLearn conference we therefore welcome contributions focused on topics related to knowledge, management and innovation.


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