Session H2

H2 - Information systems management and decision support systems 2

Thursday, 20 June 2013 · 10.45-12.00 · Room H

Session chair: Ivana Dvorski Lacković


Model for IT governance assessment in banks based on integration of control functions

Ivana Dvorski Lacković, PBZ stambena štedionica d.d., Croatia

Keywords: IT governance, management, assessment, control functions, banks


Role of human knowledge in contemporary information society and its individual nature

Zdenek Smutny, University of Economics, Czech Republic, Vaclav Reznicek, University of Economics, Czech Republic

Keywords: knowledge, information, informatization, thinking, education


Innovative analysis of the processes within a society

Adam Horvath, University of Pecs, Hungary

Keywords: duo mining, societies’ indexes, indexes, methodology


Online right to be forgotten human right or social e- democracy necessity

Augusto Sebastio, University of Bari, Italy

Keywords: right to be forgotten, data deletion, human right, liability

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