Session E2

E2 - Economics, finance and accounting 2

Thursday, 20 June 2013 · 17.45-19.00 · Room E

Session chair: Iwa Kuchciak



Knowledge management in the area of financial literacy in Poland

Iwa Kuchciak, University of Lodz, Institute of Finance, Poland

Keywords: knowledge, education, financial literacy, financial awareness, financial behaviour


Is speed of integration in M&A learnable? The moderating role of organizational learning on the path of speed of integration on performance
Florian Bauer, MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria; Daniel Degischer, MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria; Kurt Matzler, MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

Keywords: mergers & Acquisitions, organizational learning, speed of integration


Relationship between corporate governance and earnings quality: case study of listed companies in the Thailand stock exchange

Sasivimol Meeampol, Kasetsart University, Thailand; Vimol Rodpetch, Kasetsart University, Thailand; Phanthipa Srinammuang, Kasetsart University, Thailand; Ausa Wongsorntham, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Keywords: corporate governance, earnings quality, standard deviation, and SET Thailand


The study on factors of successful financial institutions and marketing strategies

Kuang-Hsun Shih, Toko University, Taiwan; Hsiao-Chen Chang, Chungyu Institute of Technology, Taiwan; Xin Rong Lee, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

Keywords: financial institutions, marketing strategies, analytic network process, ANP


Knowledge on company valuation: awareness of disparity between market and fundamental values

Aleš Trunk, Geodetic Institute of Slovenia, Slovenia; Igor Stubelj, University of Primorska, Slovenia

Keywords: market and fundamental values of equity, knowledge, fair and honest company valuations, Slovenian public limited companies, management

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