Session D3

D3 - Human resources management 3

Thursday, 20 June 2013 · 15.00-16.15 · Room E

Session chair: Yasemin Bal



A study on determining the relationship between strategic HRM practices and innovation

Yasemin Bal, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey; Serdar Bozkurt, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey; Esin Ertemsir, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

Keywords: strategic human resources management, competitive advantage, HRM functions, innovation


Organizational learning and emploee empowering increasing organizational performance in hospitality and tourism

Ivanka Vasenska, South West University "N. Rilski", Bulgaria

Keywords: organizational learning, employee empowering, tourist destination performance and development


The portability of flexicurity in Italy

Jody Tubi, Italy

Keywords: flexicurity, Italian labour market; flexibility; unemployment


Trust and implicit information asymmetry in repeated games

Piotr Markiewicz, Cracow University of Economics, Poland; Magdalena Adamus, Cracow University of Economics, Poland

Keywords: repeated games, implicit information asymmetry, trust


Experimental analysis of organizational commitment within the scope of downsizing threat and empowerment opportunity

Celal Cahit Ağar, Beysehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Business, Selcuk University, Turkey; Aykut Beduk, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Selcuk University, Turkey

Keywords: downsizing, empowerment, organizational commitment

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