Session C3

C3 - Education, learning society and organizational learning 3

Thursday, 20 June 2013 · 16.30-17.45 · Room C

Session chair: Laura Rožman



Learning to learn as a key competence and setting learning goals

Laura Rožman, International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia; Andrej Koren, International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia
Keywords: learning to learn, key competence, self-regulated learning, goal setting, achievements


Implementing game elements into didactic process: a case study

Magdalena Borys, Lublin University of Technology, Poland; Maciej Laskowski, Lublin University of Technology, Poland

Keywords: gamification, learning improvement, didactic methods


Factors of the innovation development in school

Franc Cankar, National Education Institute, Slovenia; Tomi Deutsch, National Education Institute, Slovenia; Stanka Setnikar Cankar, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Administration, Slovenia

Keywords: primary school, enterprise circles, head teachers, pupils, innovation


A one day innovation business game for pupils

Börge Kummert, Degree Programme Innovation Management, Austria; Hans Lercher, Degree Programme Innovation Management, Austria; Andreas Rehklau, Degree Programme Innovation Management, Austria

Keywords: innovation process, Trendmapping, morphological matrix, 6-view screen, business-model


The professional profile of teachers: analysis and development of competences and teaching methodology

Gina Chianese, Free University of Bolzano, Italy

Keywords: assessment, teachers, competences, learning, knowledge

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