Dr. Frederick Kohun bionote

Prof. Dr. Frederick Kohun

University Professor of Computer & Information Systems, Robert Morris University, USA


Frederick G. Kohun, Ph.D., University Professor of Computer and Information Systems at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has more than 37 years of experience as a professor and academic administrator (department head, associate dean, dean, and associate provost), and was the founding director of the doctoral program in Information Systems and Communication. He holds a bachelor degree in economics from Georgetown University, graduate degrees in economics and information science, from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Ph.D. in applied history in technology from Carnegie Mellon University. At Robert Morris University he led the design and implementation of eight technology based academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate level (including a doctoral program) as well as the attainment of ABET-CAC accreditation   He is known both nationally and internationally from his numerous publications and presentations in economics, health informatics, decision support, technological impact, and culture. Currently, he is active internationally as an accreditation evaluator and team leader having participated in more than 22 accreditation visits. In 2007 he was named the International Computer Educator of the Year by the International Association of Computer Information Systems. In 2012 he received the honor of an endowed doctoral scholarship fund named after him.

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