Business Excellence Forum

Business Excellence Forum

Maritime highways: Development in spirit of active citizenship

Friday, 21 June 2013, 11.45-12.45


Forum Chair dr. Zbigniew Pastuszak, UMCS, Poland


Business Excellence Forum is an opportunity to identify and discuss entrepreneurial and business challenges in a globalizing international environment. Entrepreneurs and businessmen from Europe and elsewhere will highlight practical experiences, good practices and opportunities which they have identified in their activities. The Forum is also an opportunity to reflect on the relevant business and academic responses to existing and future corporate and business challenges.


Speakers who will, in accordance with business practice and their own experience, present their views on the topic of the Forum "Maritime highways: Development in spirit of active citizenship", are:


- dr. Pornthep Anussornnitisarn, Kasetsart University, Thailand


Dr. Anussornnitisarn will present links in railway and seaport for social and economic development. He will also present the movement in the railway/seaport linkage as the entire Southeast Asian region is becomming a "single" market. The roles of China and Japan will be highlighted with information background.


- dr. Toni Bielić, University of Zadar, Head of Maritime Department


- dr. Jan Chadam, Gaz-System S.A., Poland


The speech will delineate the significance of infrastructure development for the European integration and for increasing the economic competitiveness. It will be exemplified by Gaz-System, the polish gas transmission system operator. The company carries out investments worth 2 billion EUR, including the construction of the LNG terminal to receive liquefied natural gas supplied by sea. There will be presented tools that have been used to manage these projects and the impact of the executed projects on the change in the organizational culture of the company.


- dr. Petar Kragić, member of the board of Tankerska plovidba, d.d.: Contemporary shipping & creative destruction




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