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Thursday, 20 June 2013, 9.30-10.10

Keynote speaker: prof. dr. Frederick Kohun, University Professor of Computer & Information Systems, Robert Morris University, USA

Topic: The Knowledge Management of Culture, Crisis and the Economy


Culture takes many forms including national, ethnic, professional, organizational, religious, etc.  In the context of a political/economic system, it can be argued that dominant cultural identity can shift to the political/economic context.  However, crises, such as an economic recession, can shift cultural context back to baseline identity.  This talk discusses the context of and/for cultural consideration beyond language in both policy and political decision making.  Second, and third order consequences of decisions can and do affect further economic and crisis decision making particularly with respect to higher education and healthcare.


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Friday, 21 June 2013, 11.00-11.40

Keynote speaker: Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Dr. mult. h.c. Prof.h.c. Branko Katalinić

University Professor at Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Topic: Education for Knowledge based Society: Challenges, Chances and Risks


Our civilization is a technology and science based civilization. Both, technology and science are developing very quickly with the tendency to increase dynamic of changes. The organization of the society is continuous modifying and adjusting to the state which gives maximum benefits from the possibilities of present used technology and science.


At moment our civilization makes transformation to the knowledge based society. Knowledge becomes key resource and power of further development of our civilization and society. Creativity is main strategy to generate continuous changes and improvements newly following the idea of sustainability.


Education has the task to prepare new generations of high level educated people with abilities to run and improve this development. The worldwide educational system is very traditional, not up to date, and can fulfill neither in quality nor in quantity the requirements and needs of the time coming. This system loose more and more connection to the reality and must be evolutionary modified and adapt to the new situation and trends. In the lecture will be presented: the results of the analysis of present state, key problems, and proposed strategies and scenarios for future development.


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